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Licensed Title Agent

LicensedTitle Agent

As licensed title agents, we can provide a much higher level of service than a real estate agent could. The title search is critical in any real estate transaction.

Personal Service


We strive to meet the unique needs of each individual client, taking the time to learn how we can most effectively assist you with your legal concerns.

Direct Attorney Access

DirectAttorney Access

You will always have direct access to the lawyers who are representing you. We are available to speak with you personally.

Avoiding Probate


Our goal is to protect your estate from the asset depletion and complications associated with the probate procedure.

Chicago Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Attorney for Purchases, Short Sales and Multi Unit Buildings

Our firm focuses on the closely related legal fields of real estate, and estate planning. We do more than guide clients' participation in the real estate market and create their estate plans here -we build legacies. Transacting or investing in real estate can be fraught with risk. Our main goal is to limit your risks to a level that is acceptable to you so that your legacy can remain strong and secure. We also work to ensure that your legacy will long outlive you through careful and clear estate planning.

Work Directly with an Attorney

Our attorneys are available to answer your questions and address your concerns directly and personally. At some law firms, paralegals and other non-attorney staff members handle the bulk of client communications, but not at this law firm. Here, you will be able to contact your lawyer directly when you need something so that we can better serve you. Each client has unique and specific legal needs when it comes to real estate and estate planning. We find that we can provide you with the best possible representation when we build strong working relationships with our clients personally.

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It's Never Too Early to Start Protecting Your Assets

Residential Real Estate

We rely on our years of experience dealing in residential real estate to serve clients. Whether you have personal experience in real estate transactions or are interested in a first-time family home purchase, you will find our high-quality legal services invaluable. While there is always risk in real estate, we can take powerful steps to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and your risks are minimal. We can take powerful steps to guard you against future surprises and liabilities that can affect your rights or compromise your assets.

Sales & Purchases

Let us take the stress out of buying and selling real estate. Closings can involve highly complex and detailed legal paperwork. You deserve the best representation during your real estate transactions. Read More

Short Sells

Taking advantage of short sales can save you large sums of money. These quick-moving transactions can be lucrative for savvy buyers, and we can offer professional guidance during the process. Read More

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about so much more than deciding how your property should be distributed after you are gone. We can help help you use your estate plan to build a long-lasting legacy, safeguard your loved ones' interests, and even protect your right to make decisions for your future self should you become incapacitated later in life. We craft individualized estate plans to suit your personal goals and needs.


A will can be the central component of your estate plan, or it can serve a particular purpose that cannot be accomplished using a trust. Even if you use a trust for posthumous transfer, you may also need a will. Read More

Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney are an important way to protect yourself in the event that you reach a point where you cannot make decisions for yourself or handle your own affairs. You can choose the people you would want to step in to help you. Read More

Multi-Unit Buildings

Transferring ownership of a multi-unit building can a complex endeavor, but also a rewarding one. When you decide to buy a residential building with multiple units, it is highly advisable to be represented by counsel who can ensure that the legal components of the transaction go as smoothly as possible.

Attorney Constance Sherrod

Real Estate Investors

Creating Legacies Through Wise Investments

Investing in real estate is vastly different than other types of investing. When you seek a land trust to invest in or buy an investment property to rent out, you are taking a risk. When we represent you, we can offer skilled guidance based on our many years of experience.

We will be there during every stage in the process to guard your interests and assets. Our team wants to see you succeed and will strive to set you on the path to profit.

A wonderful person, like a breath of fresh air.

Always anticipating what is next when I was unable to focus on one more thing. Very professional and knowledgeable to know exactly her plan of action. I'm so happy to have had her recommended to me. You will not be disappointed in her commitment to you.


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