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Chicago Short Sales Attorney

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Real Estate Lawyer for Help With Short Sales

When residential real estate comes available for short sale, savvy investors and interested buyers alike take notice. Purchasing real estate through a short sale can reduce your costs significantly and help you acquire a parcel of land for less than market value. Whether you are an investor interested in turning the real estate for profit, or you are seeking a home for your family, our attorneys can help you take advantage of the local short sale market. This fast-paced segment of the housing market is not to be overlooked. While finalizing a short sale quickly involves some level of risk, in many cases, the reward for quick action is significant.

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in guiding people through the short sale process, whether for the first time or the tenth. Investors and buyers of all experience and skill levels will find our assistance invaluable. Our goal is to guard your interests at every stage in the process. We will strive to ensure that you will be financially protected and personally satisfied with the results of your short-sale purchase.

Attorney for Buying Residential Real Estate Through Short Sales

When a homebuyer experiences financial challenges that put their property at risk of foreclosure, offering the property for a short sale may provide a solution that works for the current owner, the mortgage lender, and you. In a short sale, the current owner offers the property for sale at a price less than what they owe on the mortgage. All proceeds from the sale then go to satisfy the mortgage. This situation can open the door for you to purchase land at far below market value.

Our lawyers will be there to act quickly on your behalf while working behind the scenes to protect your interests at every stage.

Attorney for Short Sale Investments

Investing in short sale properties can be highly profitable when done correctly. Acquiring properties that may otherwise be foreclosed on and reselling them can work well as a type of real estate investing.

Time is of the essence in short sales. A party who has legal representation may have a notable advantage in these situations. We can work directly with the mortgage lender and the current owner to facilitate a short sale that leaves all parties satisfied. The short-sale market can be fast-moving and complex, with numerous moving parts in every deal. Our attorneys can act as your personal guide and representative in this specialized market.

Short Sale Help for Sellers

If you are faced with the need to short sale your own property, we can assist you as well. Our attorneys will negotiate with the short sale lender on your behalf in order to complete the transaction. We will strive to get you the best deal possible when you are in this situation.

Short Sales and Multi-Unit Buildings

Purchasing a multi-unit building with the intent to become a landlord is no simple task, but it may be an immensely rewarding one. Acquiring a multi-family dwelling through a short sale can be an excellent strategy for entering this lucrative market with a lower up-front investment. However, it is important to understand why the current owner is unable to financially stay afloat so that you can avoid the same issues.

When you purchase a building with existing tenants, you have a built-in stream of revenue, but you must also take care to comply with the relevant housing laws. It is best to undertake a purchase such as this with guidance from a skilled real estate attorney rather than a realtor alone.

One of our most important roles in this type of sale is to conduct a thorough investigation into the property and its chain of title and legal history. When you are interested in buying a multi-unit building offered for short sale, there may not be much time to complete this investigation. We will quickly take steps to address potential concerns like housing code issues, unresolved claims, and easements. Our goal is to leave you in the best possible position to move forward as a successful landlord, even on short notice.

Contact a Cook County Short Sale Lawyer

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in facilitating short sales for first-time housing market entrants and sophisticated investors alike. Our knowledgeable and fast-working real estate attorneys will handle every detail of your transaction with a high level of skill and concern. We take our duty to act in your best interests very seriously. Contact us at 312-321-6910 for a complimentary consultation. We serve clients throughout Cook County in Hyde Park, Chicago, and Evanston.

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