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Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago

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Hyde Park Real Estate Attorney for Buying and Selling Residential Properties

For many individuals, real estate purchases and sales are likely to be one of the largest transactions they will ever personally undertake. For this reason, buying or selling a family home may be quite an intimidating endeavor. Real estate transactions are unlike any other type of sale. Buying or selling residential real estate can be a challenging process. Whether you are buying a multi-unit structure as an investment property or seeking your first family home, our experienced attorneys can help you enter into your transaction knowing all the relevant information and with complete confidence that you are getting clear title.

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in assisting individuals and families who are interested in purchasing or selling residential real estate properties. We understand the complexities of these transactions, and we can conduct a full legal investigation into the property, preventing any future surprises that could interfere with your ability to enjoy your property. Our goal is to minimize your risk so that you can deal in real estate like a professional.

Lawyer for Residential Real Estate Transactions

The period of time between when you first become interested in a property to buy and the date of closing is incredibly important. The same is true for those who have decided to sell a property they already own. During this time, your attorney should be conducting research on the property, performing a title search, and ideally, drafting the sales documents and deed.

During your attorney's investigation, they are very likely to discover any issues potentially affecting your ownership rights. Concerns that may turn up include liens placed on the property, easements that cross it, or any potential claims that another person may have to the property. Land use restrictions should also be investigated, lest you learn after the transaction that the property is not zoned for the type of residential use you intended for it.

Both buyers and sellers can benefit from having an attorney conduct this research. It is better for both parties if any potential issues are discovered and addressed prior to closing. The seller is more likely to avoid potential liability for being unable to fulfill a condition as promised in the sales documents, and the buyer will be less likely to experience an unpleasant surprise.

Legal Help With Multi-Unit Dwellings

Owning a multi-unit building can be a profitable endeavor, but can bring challenges as well. For those seeking to purchase a multi-unit dwelling such as an apartment building, it is especially important to work closely with a skilled real estate lawyer to ensure that the transition in ownership is as smooth as possible and that your liabilities are minimized.

Landlords have certain duties to their tenants that you must closely observe. It is important to have a clear understanding of the condition of the building and any issues that may impact your rights as the owner. If there are already tenants living on the property at the time of sale, the transition in ownership may be challenging, as you must generally honor their leases.

Our lawyers can address each moving part in the sale of a multi-unit building to keep the transaction as secure and smooth as possible. We will meticulously conduct research and address each and every concern you may have during the process.

Contact a Cook County Residential Real Estate Lawyer

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in guiding buyers and sellers of residential real estate through their transactions. Our skilled Hyde Park residential real estate lawyers will strive to help you enter a residential real estate transaction with a high level of confidence in the security of your purchase or sale. Contact us at 312-321-6910 to receive a free consultation.

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