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Chicago Lawyer for Real Estate Investors

Evanston real estate attorney for investments

Illinois Real Estate Attorney for Investors

Investing in real estate can be a risky endeavor, but also one that is very lucrative when it is done with a high level of skill and sophistication. Great care must be taken at all points to minimize the risks of real estate investing without conversely minimizing the odds of earning the profit you seek. This type of investing is often best done with the assistance of a well-qualified attorney. Profiting from the residential real estate market frequently requires a large, up-front investment. Whether you are an experienced investor in real estate or are contemplating a first-time purchase, we can help you make the most of your investment.

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in managing real estate investments of all types. Whether you choose to become affiliated with a land trust, become the landlord of a multi-unit building, or take advantage of short sales to improve and resell properties, we have the skills and knowledge needed to help you succeed. Our goal is to maximize your potential profits while mitigating your degree of risk to the fullest extent possible.

Evanston Lawyer for Short Sale Property Investments

For those seeking to purchase real estate as an investment rather than as a place to live, short sales can create golden opportunities to acquire properties at far under market value. However, the short-sale market can be fast-paced and complex. It is prudent to take the steps you would normally take before buying a property, such as performing a full title search, but these steps must be taken expediently.

Our attorneys are uniquely skilled in backing short-sale investors. We will leave no stone unturned in our investigation into any issues that may affect your ownership rights, and we will work quickly so that you never lose out on an opportunity.

Land Trust Attorneys in Cook County

Land trusts are tools often underutilized by real estate investors. The asset protection features of land trusts make them an invaluable tool for those seeking to invest in real estate with a lower degree of risk and often a lower initial investment. Whether you are an experienced dealer in land trusts or a first-time investor, our attorneys can provide you with personalized advice and assistance to help you maximize your profits while accomplishing any secondary purposes you may have for your land trust holdings.

Lawyer for Investing in Multi-Unit Buildings

Purchasing a residential building with multiple units and becoming a landlord can be a lucrative, if labor-intensive, way to seek profits in the real estate market. The rental housing market is currently competitive, making today an excellent time to begin your journey in real estate.

When purchasing a multi-unit building, there are many moving parts. Existing leases must be honored even after the building is sold, which can complicate a transaction. The presence of tenants can necessitate a more nuanced process for investigating the building's chain of title, the current condition of repair, and other important issues that may affect your rights and liabilities in the future. When we handle this type of transaction on your behalf, you can be certain that no stone has been left unturned in our quest for information.

Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors

Our attorneys deeply understand the risks associated with real estate investing, and our goal is to mitigate that risk to a level that is acceptable to you. We are well-versed in a number of asset protection tactics for those in the real estate investment market. Our asset protection process begins far in advance of any finalized sale when we investigate to ensure that you are getting every right of ownership you should.

We take our fiduciary duty to clients with the utmost seriousness. Asset protection goals are woven into every legal action we undertake on your behalf so that you can invest with confidence.

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The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is skilled in helping first-time and seasoned investors alike make the most of their real estate dealings. Our goal is to keep your assets as safe as possible while minimizing your degree of risk. Contact us at 312-321-6910 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout the greater Chicago area.

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