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Wills are an important part of estate planning. Creating a will can give you peace of mind, knowing that when you are no longer here to enjoy the wealth you have acquired during your lifetime, it will be passed on to your loved ones. People create wills for a variety of reasons, most commonly to ensure that their money and property will go to the people they care about. While Illinois' intestacy laws are designed to approximate what a decedent would probably have wanted, making a will gives you full control and can make a difficult time easier for your family and loved ones.

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is committed to helping people build the estate plans that are right for their needs. We include wills in nearly all plans, whether as the primary instrument of testamentary transfer or as a supplemental document. Our skilled estate planning attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that your will is uniquely designed to meet your needs.

Cook County Lawyer for Customized Wills

Creating a will can be rather simple in some cases, but in other cases, it can be quite a complex endeavor. We will take the time to learn what your goals in creating a will are so that we can better serve you. You may already know precisely what instructions you want to be included in your will, or we can help you to understand your options better.

A will can likely do more than you know. There is a common belief that the sole use of a will is to decide who should receive what following the testator's death. Of course, this is the main purpose of a will. However, a will may be more flexible than you think.

You may be able to leave conditional bequests, requiring the beneficiary to meet certain conditions before they can receive their gift. For example, you could leave $10,000 to your adult child, but you may require that they finish college before they can collect it. You can continue to have a positive impact on the lives of your loved ones even posthumously with a well-crafted will.

Wills for Parents of Minor Children

It is critical for parents of children who are still minors to have a will in place. Even if you are primarily using a trust as your main vehicle of testamentary transfer, a will is essential. While children cannot inherit property directly, an appointed guardian can manage the children's inheritance to use for their benefit, with court supervision.

In your will, you can name the person or people you would want to take in your children and become their legal guardians. No parent wants to consider the possibility that the unexpected could happen and leave their children without a surviving and suitable parent. However, it is best to be prepared in case the unpredictabilities of life strike your family.

There is no guarantee that the person you choose will be named guardian, but courts generally give great deference to parents' wishes so long as the named guardian is suitable.

Experienced Attorney for Sophisticated Wills

If you own complex assets, such as real estate investments or multi-unit apartment buildings that cannot be transferred by a transfer on death instrument and will require special care in passing down to your beneficiary, our attorneys have the necessary experience and skill to create a sophisticated will designed to address your unique needs. We can also create effective wills for those with complex financial situations, including extensive investment portfolios, ownership interest in a corporation, and more.

Lawyer for Will Execution Formalities

Under Illinois law, certain formalities must be met during will executions. This precise procedure is best carried out under the direct supervision of an attorney. Our lawyers have successfully managed the execution of countless wills. We will be there to ensure that these conditions are met so that you can put your mind at ease knowing that your will is probate-ready.

Contact a Cook County Wills Attorney

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. can create a will that is specifically designed to meet your goals. We are experienced in using wills to accomplish a number of purposes and can help you benefit your loved ones, leave a legacy, or safeguard your minor children. Contact us or call 312-321-6910 to receive a free consultation. We offer flat-rate pricing so you will never receive a surprise bill. We serve clients throughout Cook County from our Chicago office.

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