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Land trusts are a powerful and often underutilized tool by estate planners and investors alike. These specialized trusts can offer numerous benefits, from asset protection to seamless posthumous transfer of assets. Holding property in a land trust can protect the beneficiary and trustee alike, or it can allow for multiple owners to separately hold a share in a single property. Buying interest in a land trust may provide a simplified manner of investing in real estate, or it may help you guard your property in the face of a financial liability that could otherwise threaten your interest. With the numerous benefits offered by land trusts, you may find dealing in them to be helpful on many levels.

The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is experienced in using land trusts to achieve a number of different purposes depending on your personal needs and preferences. Whatever the reason for your interest in a land trust, we will be here to help you make the most of your involvement in this unique type of real estate ownership. Our attorneys will strive to ensure that your risks are minimal and acceptable while we work to meet your unique goals.

Estate Planning Lawyers for Land Trust Transfers

One of the many uses of land trusts is to facilitate the posthumous transfer of real estate property in one of the most seamless manners possible. When you use a trust to pass along real estate you own, you can not only simplify the administration process, but you can also protect your assets during your own lifetime.

Using a land trust to name the beneficiary who should take ownership of the entire property or of your shares in the property can eliminate the need for a costly and complex probate process. Generally, naming a contingent beneficiary for your interest in the land trust will result in a simplified posthumous transfer.

Real Estate Attorney for Investing With Land Trusts

For those interested in real estate investing, a land trust can be an underrated tool for creating a higher level of security in your dealings while protecting your personal assets. A land trust can allow a large group of individuals or corporations to share in the ownership of a single plot of land or a group of plots. This way of holding real estate can allow multiple investors to share in the profits and liabilities associated with a given plot.

Buying into a land trust can provide you with the benefits of real estate investing while keeping your risk level low and your assets fluid. Asset protection is a major feature of these trusts. You need not purchase and become liable for the entirety of a building, nor will you become saddled with a property that is difficult to transfer.

As the trust itself holds the deed, your individual interest can be easily transferred should you so choose. You remain free to devise your interests as you wish, without the need for the full process normally associated with real estate sales. Using a land trust effectively converts your interest in real property into a personal property interest. As such, you can independently enter transactions for your individual share without affecting the other beneficiaries.

Additionally, your interest in the land trust cannot be affected by the liabilities of other beneficiaries. Your ownership interest is separate from the ownership interests of co-beneficiaries, so you need not worry that issues like a lien resulting from another beneficiary's liability could affect your rights.

Whether you have experience dealing in land trusts or are considering making a first-time investment, the benefit of our experience and skill can help you participate in the market with great confidence.

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The Sherrod Law Firm, Ltd. is skilled in helping people of all experience levels take advantage of land trusts. Our experienced Chicago land trust lawyers will strive to ensure that your personal goals related to the use of a land trust are met, both now and in the future. Contact us at 312-321-6910 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout the Chicago area.

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